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Historic Area Commission

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1. Owning property in a Historic District: What it means to you.

In 1978, the Town of Port Deposit (corporate limits) was placed on the National Historic Register. This federal designation, along with Port Deposit ordinances and penalties, will help to preserve the town’s character and to encourage maintenance of its historic buildings. This means that no person or entity owning properties within town limits can alter the outward appearance of those properties without obtaining permission from a board of town citizens called the Historic Area Commission (HAC). The questions below are designed to help you better understand HAC and the process of HAC approval.

2. What do you mean by “outward appearance”?

You must apply for HAC’s permission if any portion of an exterior change will be visible from a public way. This includes, but is not limited to, replacement of siding, windows, outer doors, roofing, porches, etc.

3. How do I get permission?

You can obtain an application form from Town Hall. You must complete the form and submit it with a $20 application fee. The town will schedule you to attend the next HAC meeting to present the application to the board.

4. When and where does HAC meet?

HAC meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. in Town Hall. Its meetings are open to the public, and interested citizens are encouraged to participate. Members of the board are volunteers who are appointed for a term of three years.

5. What else should I know about HAC?

HAC may also act to preserve properties within the historic district in cases of “demolition by neglect.” Please keep your property in repair to avoid problems of this sort.

6. Where do I call for further information?

For further information, call or visit: Port Deposit Town Hall 64 South Main Street Port Deposit, MD 21904 410.378.2121 www.portdeposit.org

Town Payments

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1. Does the Town accept credit cards?

No, at the present time we take cash and checks only.

Water and Sewer

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1. Who handles the sewer and water?

Sewer is handled by Cecil County Department of Public Works. Their number is 410.996.5259, Water is handled by Artesian Water. The business office number is 800.332.5114. Emergencies

Garbage and Recycling

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1. When is trash pick-up?

Trash and recyclables are picked up every Monday.

Town Facilities

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1. Can I rent Marina Park?

The pavilion at the park can be reserved. There is a $50 refundable deposit and a $35 non-refundable fee. The park itself cannot be rented.

Permits and Fees

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1. How much is a boat launch parking permit?

If you live out of town but in state, the cost is $25. If you live out of state, the cost is $50.

2. What is the fine for parking a trailer at Marina Park without a permit?

The cost is $50 for a first offense. The rule is strictly enforced.

3. How much does it cost to dock at Marina Park?

Transient docking (up to 10 days) is free. Long term slip rental is not available.

Dog Licenses

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1. Are pit bulls allowed in the town?

No, the town has an Ordinance prohibiting pit bulls in town limits.

2. Where can I purchase a dog license?

may be purchased at the County Administration Building in Elkton. Note: Senior discounts and service dog discounts are only available at Elkton location. $20.00 Dog License - non-altered $15.00 Dog License - non-altered with registered microchip (Proof Required) $10.00 Dog License - Spayed or Neutered (Proof Required) $5.00 Dog License - Spayed or Neutered with registered microchip (Proof Required) $5.00 License Transfer Fee $2.00 Replacement dog tag if original tag lost