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Residential refuse collection for the town is currently contracted to Waste Industries. For your convenience, Waste Industries provides a 96 gallon wheeled container and a recycling bin to be placed curbside by 5:00 a.m. on your weekly scheduled pick-up day.

                    Please make sure you take your containers in by 7:00 p.m. on pick-up day.













Single Stream Recycling

Waste Industries offers single stream recycling for your convenience.  Please click here for guidelines on what can go in your recycle bin.


Refuse and Recycling are picked up every Monday, with the exception of High Street residences. Refuse and Recycling on High Street is picked up on Thursday.

Refuse is collected on holidays, with the exception of Christmas.  If Christmas falls on a Monday,

trash will be picked up on Tuesday.

Pickup for large items (bulk pick-ups) i.e., furniture, appliance, etc. needs to be arranged in advance. Please call Waste Industries at 410.457.0404.  There is a fee for the service.

Please contact Town Hall to arrange for a new container if your container becomes damaged.

Refuse & Recycling

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