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 2020 Resolutions

01-2020 Text Amendments to Zoning Code B & I Employment District

02-2020 Zoning Reclassification of Parcels

02-2020 Proposed Zoning Map

03-2020 Amendments to various sections of Zoning Code implementation of B & I

Employment District and removal of BX Bainbridge Mixed Use District

03-2020 Attachment - Zoning Code Amendments BX References

04-2020 Tax Rates and Other Revenue Rates for FY2021 Budget

05-2020 Amendments to Article X, Permissible Uses, Section 175,
181, 198 & 205 of the Port Deposit Zoning Code

06-2020 Amendments to Article XV Signs, Section 264 Permitted Signs of the Port Deposit Zoning Code

07-2020 Amendment to Article XI Supplemental Use Regulations, Section 175 Table of Permissible Uses and New Section 178 Camping and Recreational Vehicle Parking

08-2020 Amendment to Article XI Supplemental Use Regulations, Section 211 Festivals, Events of Public Interest or Special Events, Occasional Outdoor

09-2020 Seasonal Business and/or Use - Mobile Food Vendor Regulations

10-2020 Article II Basic Definitions and Interpretations, Section 12 Definitions to revise the definitions for types of residential housing

11-2020 Article X Permissible Uses, Section 175 Table of Permissible Uses to revise the types of residential housing allowed in each zoning district

12-2020 Article XII Density and Dimensional Regulations, Section 219 Building Setback Requirements and Section 226 Schedule of Zone Regulations to revise the language for front setback requirements and the residential housing definitions in the Zone Regulations table

13-2020 - Community Legacy Program

14-2020 Amendment to Article XI Supplementary Use Regulations, Section 176, 185 and 185a

15-2020 Employee Manual

16-2020 - Community Development Block Grant Authorizing Resolution

17-2020 - Community Development Block Grant Citizen Participation Plan

18-2020 - Community Development Block Grant Residential Anti-Displacement and Relocation Assistance Plan

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