Historic Tome Gas House

The Historic Tome Gas House was built circa 1850 of Port Deposit granite. Originally used to generate power for the Jacob Tome mansion, it has been faithfully restored and serves as a visitor center and research facility for the study of the endangered Northern Map Turtle.

The Tome Visitor Center and Turtle Habitat is closed for the season and will re-open in May 2020.

Students from the Biology Department of Towson University started studying the endangered northern map turtles in Port Deposit in 2008.  In 2013, the Town of Port Deposit and Towson University formed a partnership to save the species and bolster ecotourism.  The Historic Tome Gas House building in Marina Park has been renovated for a Welcome Center and research facility for the species.


In 2014, The Council of the Town of Port Deposit approved Resolution 05-2014 to adopt the Northern Map Turtle as the Town mascot. Our mascot is affectionately named “Rhonda” after the tenacious turtle that has dodged trucks and made her way across parking lots to nest every year in Port Deposit. 

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