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About Us

The historic Town of Port Deposit is located on the banks of the Susquehanna River.  Port Deposit is synonymous with industrialist, Jacob Tome, who arrived in 1833 and worked to become one of the wealthiest men in the country.  In 1889, he endowed the town with a substantial part of his amassed fortune to establish a separate free school system, and he established the Tome School for Boys on the Bainbridge property. The Town of Port Deposit is designated a historic district to preserve the culture and long history through the preservation of buildings and landmarks. 


In 2009, the Town’s boundary was expanded to encompass the 1,250-acre Bainbridge property, which is located on the granite bluff overlooking down town.  In 2015, the property was designated an Enterprise Zone and the historic Tome School buildings were included in the Sustainable Community designation, which provides tax credits for historic restoration projects.

So many amazing restaurants, a Home Decor Gift Shop along the center of town, and more to come!  The Town’s future looks bright with the potential development of Bainbridge and continued preservation of our historic buildings, which includes the restoration of the Tome Gas House. The Gas House is the last historically significant building on our waterfront and has become a Visitor Center, and Research and Education Center for students from Towson University to study the endangered Northern Map Turtle, which is indigenous to our area.  

New businesses are attracted to the area, and within the last twelve months we have seen rapid growth in our residential and commercial sales.

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